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Главная » 2011 » Декабрь » 19 » Dooble Web Browser 1.26 Rus
Dooble Web Browser 1.26 Rus
Dooble Web Browser 1.26 Rus

Double Web Browser – надежный веб-браузер с открытым исходным кодом, который обеспечивает высокую производительность, стабильность и кросс-платформенную функциональность. Данный браузер отличается высокой защитой данных, как во время работы с поисковыми системами, так и при обмене сообщениями и работе с электронной почтой. Программа установки предоставляет все необходимые средства для инсталляции компонентов браузера.

Основные особенности Dooble Web Browser :
-высокая производительность;
-надежная защита от вредоносных программ и вторжений;
-простой в использовании интерфейс;
-встроенный FTP-клиент;
-встроенный файл-менеджер;
-поддержка прокси;
-уникальный внешний вид;

Изменения в Dooble Web Browser 1.26 :
1. Avoid closed tabs when searching for tabs that may contain modified
2. Disable Web plugins when a tab is closed.
3. Corrected 1.25 grammar.
4. Fixed sizing issues with items in the Downloads window.
5. Downloads were missing HTTP Pipelining.
6. javascript exceptions.
7. Theme previews.
8. Removed inconsistent prompts.
9. Exceptions windows are now accessible via the Windows menu.
10. Corrected issues with javascript popups.
11. A significant modification was made to improve Flash
support for X11 systems. As a result, QWebView was
replaced by QGraphicsWebView. To eliminate the workaround,
simply remove the DOOBLE_X11_FLASH_BYPASS macro from the
appropriate project file before creating the application.
12. Prevent use of invalid geometries, especially when preparing
new javascript windows.
13. Increased the maximum number of characters of menu actions
from 50 to 100.
14. Removed obsolete values from the settings file.
15. Addons support. Thanks to Bernd Stramm.
16. Eliminated "QProcess: Destroyed while process is still running."
17. Reset the status bar's contents after a tab has been closed.
18. Corrected dooble::slotStatusBarMessage().
19. Added support for preventing HTTP redirects. The default is set
to enabled.
20. QNetworkReply objects created by dnetworkaccessmanager::createRequest()
must be deleted.
21. Removed level 3 optimization flags. Removed dooble.linux-32.pro.
Removed dooble.ultrasparc.pro.
22. Modified the base class of dsettings from QDialog to QMainWindow.
23. Allow the user to choose the sets that will be re-encoded after a
passphrase change.
24. Corrected the Settings window's Home widgets. Implementation suffered
from inconsistent data (the Settings window is non-modal) and
incorrect ancestry. As a bonus, the actions may also contain icons.
25. Removed dview::slotFinished() as it causes infrequent segmentation
26. Removed dwebpage::handleUnsupportedContent() as it is obsolete.
27. Re-added dview's extra network access manager (m_faviconManager).
This will prevent contamination with dnetworkaccessmanager.
28. Modified various purge() methods for consistency.
29. Cookie, download, and exception information for session-based
processes will not be stored to their respective databases.
30. The dview::slotIconDownloadFinished() method will now attempt to
process HTTP redirects.
31. Resolved a segmentation fault caused by a deleted QNetworkReply
object that was being referenced during a download request.
32. Fixed widget state issues caused by aborted loads.
33. Removed "journal_mode = OFF" settings for database queries in order to
prevent database corruption that may be caused if Dooble
34. The Downloads window did not properly manage deleted items. Fixed.
35. Removed workaround for URLs containing fragments.
36. Reimplemented the previously-closed tabs mechanism in order to
preserve massive amounts of resources.
37. Fixed inconsistent link icons with the URL widget's pulldown menu.
38. Extracted mechanism responsible for download favicons from dview
and deposited it into dwebview.
39. Removed dmisc::canEncode().

Год выхода : 2011
Операционная система :Windows 7/Vista/XP
Язык интерфейса : Русский
Лекарство : Не требуется
Размер : 23.22 Mb

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