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Главная » 2011 » Декабрь » 18 » CallClerk v4.2.3
CallClerk v4.2.3
CallClerk v4.2.3

CallClerk – программа для определения абонента и типа входящего звонка. Все очень просто: когда поступает звонок, программа тут отправляет вам на электронный ящик письмо с сообщением или факсом.

Особенности программы:
- Обновление веб-страниц для доступа к вашим каталогам, звонкам, факсам и т.д.
- Полная информации о входящих звонках
- Автозавершение нежелательных звонков
- Запись телефонных звонков
- Быстрый дозвон и дозвон по номерам из буфера
- Возможность оповещения о звонке всей локальной сети.

CallClerk lets you know who is calling on the phone in more ways then you may have thought possible. It works as an answering machine and fax and can
immediately e-mail you when you receive a call (attaching the caller's message or fax).

CallClerk can update a Web Page giving you access to your directory, calls, messages and faxes from virtually anywhere. If you use MS Outlook, CallClerk can pop-up the caller's Outlook contact card and an associated Outlook Journal entry. It can help screen your calls by showing you caller id info, announcing the caller's name and sounding a distinctive ring.

CallClerk also automatically hangs-up on unwanted callers (like telemarketers). In addition Internet reverse number look-ups and other programs can be run as a new call arrives.

CallClerk can record telephone calls. There are many dial-out features including speed dialing, clipboard dialing and dialing from Internet Explorer and Firefox. CallClerk is a tool that will identify the person who is calling.

Note: To get maximum functionality out of CallClerk you need to subscribe to a caller id service from your phone company and have a modem that supports callerid. TAPI modems offer the most functionality, but many of CallClerk functions will work with older non-TAPI modems that support caller id. A broadband internet connection is needed to enable call reporting via e-mail.

Here are some key features of "CallClerk":
- Know who's calling before you pick up the phone;
- see caller id info plus a picture;
- tailor names so you can see when 'Mom & Dad' call; computerized voice announces calls;
- sends e-mail / blog updates;
- hang-up on unwanted calls;
- has a printable directory and history log of calls;
- dial a number from the clipboard, a speed dial list, of someone who has called, or one you key;
- old fashion bell ring; auto detects if your modem supports callerid and shares it with other apps; works over a network too.

- .NET Framework 2.0
- a modem, ideally one supporting caller id

Информация о программе:

Год выхода: 2011
ОС: Windows
Язык интерфейса: english
Лекарство: Incl.Keygen.Lz0
Размер файла: 8.3 mb


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