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Главная » 2011 » Декабрь » 23 » Wondershare QuizCreator v4.5.0.13 Portable
Wondershare QuizCreator v4.5.0.13 Portable
Wondershare QuizCreator v4.5.0.13 Portable

Portable by Baltagy

Wondershare QuizCreator - идеальное решение для учителей, репетиторов и преподавателей, чтобы создавать любые тесты. Этот инструмент предлагает 8 вариантов ответов, из которых можно выбирать. Тесты с множественным выбором останутся в прошлом.

- Новый интерфейс в стиле Office 2007
- Разнообразные шаблоны плеера тестов
- Возможность включать картинки и уравнения как в вопросы, так и в варианты ответов
- Возможность добавления баллов к каждому ответу
- Управление тестами и сертификаты системы управления тестами
- Удобный анализ отчетов по тестам
- Поддержка Unicode

Wondershare QuizCreator - Easily create Flash-based interactive quizzes and assessments and send quiz reports with great flexibility. Wondershare QuizCreator is a robust quiz tool that lets quiz designers to create Flash-based quizzes and assessments. It integrates with interactivity and multimedia to engage the learners through the learning progress.

- Create a quiz with 9 different types of quiz questions
- Convert Excel quiz into Flash-based interactive quizzes with one click
- Integrate each question with images, audio and narration, and Flash video
- Insert math symbols with the equation editor to create a quiz
- New Add voice narration with Text to Speech feature
- Powerful Quiz Administration
- Build a Lesson Page for participants to learn before taking the tests
- Set up a cheating-prevented exam with time limit, question randomization and answer shuffle.
- Create a protected quiz by domain hosting limit, password or build-in accounts
- Measure performance with partial scoring scheme or score-based grading system
- Provide feedback for answer/question/quiz or instant report on tests

Why Use Wondershare QuizCreator

Simple Quiz Creation
- Support 9 question types;
- Form-based quiz editing and creation;
- Integrate questions with images, audios and narrations, Embed Flash videos and Flash movies;
- Add voice narration with Text to Speech feature.

Powerful Quiz Administration
- Set up a quiz with time limit and randomization to prevent cheating;
- Make a protected quiz by domain hosting limit, password or accounts;
- Measure performance of participants with self-grading system;
- Provide review for your answers besides the feedback for answer/question/quiz and instant report on tests. New!

Survey Creation New!
- Create surveys to collect opinions from your students, customers or employees;
- 9 question types for creating you survey: Likert Scale, Yes/No, Pick One, Pick Many, Shot Answer, Matching, • Ranking, Which Word, and Essay;
- All the editing features in QuizCreator are available for survey creation.

Pre-set and Customizable Players Update!
- Select a player template with appropriate theme for your quiz;
- Design your own player template with built-in setting features;
- Engage participant in the test with music or sound effects.

Deliver Quizzes Everywhere
- The output quizzes can be exported with following options;
- Publish Flash quizzes to QMS (Quiz Management System) and Web or generate the backup on local disk;New!
- Generate SCORM quiz package for LMS;
- Produce stand-alone EXE for CD delivery;
- Export as Word or Excel files for paper-based testing.

Result Tracking and Reporting
- Email Tracking: Send quiz results to your specified E-mail address automatically;
- LMS Tracking: Integrate SCORM/AICC quiz package with any LMS like Moodle, BlackBoard, SharePoint and WebCT;
- QMS Tracking: Online reporting system for QuizCreator that helps users track results without expensive LMS or setting up new reporting systems. It offers convenient administration features and provides effective statistical analysis for quizzes, answers, scores, quiz takers, etc.

Информация о программе:

Год выхода: 2011
ОС: Windows
Язык интерфейса: english
Лекарство: не требуется
Размер файла: 29.3 mb


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