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Главная » 2013 » Февраль » 13 » Registry Backup 1.5.3 + Portable
Registry Backup 1.5.3 + Portable
Registry Backup 1.5.3 + Portable

Registry Backup - простая в использовании программа для работы с системным реестром. Registry Backup позволяет выполнять резервное копирование реестра, а также восстановить его в случае непредвиденного сбоя. Утилита может восстанавливать реестр из безопасного режима Windows, имеет автоматическую очистку старых резервных копий.

Registry Backup is a free backup tool that will use the Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service to backup your system registry.

Key Features:
The program is 100% free.
One click backup and restore.
Can restore from Windows Safe Mode.
Portable version can be ran from a thumb drive and keep backups of multiple systems.
Automatic cleanup of older backups.
Set and control scheduling options.
Can backup & restore all user profiles on the system, not just the ones that are currently loaded.
Control which registry files are backed up or restored.
Detailed logs are saved with each backup.
Multiple easy restore options.
Online videos showing how to use the program and how to use the different restore options.

Fixed bug where if you had the program set to do only 1 backup per day, and had it run from the task scheduler and no backups had been created yet the program wouldn't run the backup. This was because it couldn't find the backup path since none was created yet and it caused an error to make the program think a backup was already done. This has now been fixed.
Added new feature where the program will show the elapsed time during the backup. If using the volume shadow copy service instead of the fallback method, there is a now a button on the backup progess window to use the fall back method. If VSS isn't working correctly on a system the program can end up waiting forever for VSS if it doesn't report an error but never makes the snapshot. With this button a person can tell it to use the fallback method instead if VSS appears to be taking far to long. This way a user doesn't have to stop the backup, go to setting, set the fallback and start over, thus saving the user time.

Год выпуска: 2013
ОС: XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7 & 8 (32 & 64 Bit)
Дом. страница: tweaking.com
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Лекарство: freeware
Размер: 3,9/1,5 Мб

Download/Скачать Registry Backup 1.5.3


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